Elemental KitPvP Map


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If you select the entire area and type //setbiome jungle, the map will look nicer.
Map size: 250×250
Map information: 4 different biomes battlefields

The KitPvP map features four distinct battlefields, each representing a different biome:

  1. Candy: The candy battlefield is a colorful wonderland filled with candy canes, gumdrops, and other sugary treats. Players will find themselves battling across gingerbread bridges and candy cane forests, with gummy bear traps and licorice whips providing unexpected obstacles.
  2. Lava: The lava battlefield is a fiery inferno of molten rock and ash. Players will need to navigate carefully to avoid falling into the boiling lava, but the hazardous terrain also provides opportunities for daring jumps and unexpected ambushes.
  3. Forest: The forest battlefield is a dense and vibrant woodland filled with towering trees and lush underbrush. Players will need to use the foliage to their advantage, seeking cover behind trees and rocks while launching surprise attacks from the shadows.
  4. Sand: The sand battlefield is a barren wasteland of shifting dunes and swirling dust. Players will need to navigate the treacherous terrain carefully, avoiding quicksand traps and hidden pits. But the open space also provides opportunities for long-range combat and strategic movement.

Overall, this KitPvP map offers a unique and imaginative twist on traditional biomes, with each battlefield presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities for players to explore.





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