LIFESTEAL – High Quality Lifesteal Setup


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Need offline/cracked version of test server? contact us!
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Feature List:

  1. 1.20.4 Native Spigot
  2. Custom Resource Packs – Contains lots of amazing textures from talented artists, new custom items coming soon!
  3. Bedrock Compatible – This setup is 100% bedrock compatible
  4. Bedrock Resource Pack Converted – We worked so hard to convert the java pack into Bedrock, to give your players an amazing experience
  5. Custom Plugins – We have coded some plugins to fulfill the needs of this setup
  6. Custom Enchantments – Contain lots of custom enchantments for different tools and armors, with different tiers available
  7. Custom Menus (36 total menus with custom menu design each) – Custom Menus with Custom Textured Menu
  8. Dragon Event (Like vanilla ones) – A dragon event where the dragon will spawn in # amount of time after players killed it.
  9. Envoy Event – A Loot crate will fall on the ground, but becareful! Custom Mobs are ruling the Town and you might get bitten!
  10. Premium Currency – Vote Gems where player can only obtain by voting. They can spent Vote Gems in premium shop, which they could get premium items and perks
  11. Vote Rewards – Your players will get cool rewards after voting!
  12. Easy to Setup Vote Config – You can easily setup the vote config to your own server, just hit us up if you need further help or information!
  13. Welcome UI on join – A warm welcome from a Textured UI will pop up everytime you join the server!
  14. Rental Region – Your players can sell, buy on our rental region by just using the chest shop feature
  15. Leaderboards – We have setup 3 leaderboard holograms beside the spawn so your players could participate in a race being on top! would be cool if you reward them
  16. Auctions – An auction system where your players can sell or buy items
  17. Random Teleport with Custom Menu (pack) – A cool Random TP with custom textured menu. Your donor also tp on further distance than normal player
  18. 21 Player Levels (hard to obtain, need time and votes) – 21 Player Levels your players to obtain, each level is hard to get, because it requires Play Time and Vote Gems, which need time to obtain!
  19. Chunk Hoppers – Chunk Hoppers is just a simple feature but it caught items of whole chunk by using one Hopper (Chunk Hopper)
  20. Deadly Disasters (optional, you can remove anytime, cant affect the server) – A world is boring without natural disasters! (You can remove this if you want, just remove the jar and it will not affect the server)
  21. Professional Holograms – A cool professional and identical holograms
  22. 5 Premium Crates with Lots of Rewards each (Custom Pack for crates) – 5 Unique Crates with custom texture pack! contains lots of rewards each crates
  23. 67 Custom Enchants – Total of 67 Custom Enchants your player can get randomly
  24. Chat Colors (with menu, and can obtained via premium shop) – A Chat color to give more looks in chat
  25. Professional Server MOTD (custom coded) – a Custom Coded MOTD plugin that is centralized, whatever you type, it will be automatically centered
  26. Sit – Let your player rest by this Sit feature!
  27. Gradient Nick (with custom menu) – A Feature where you could have gradient color in your name!
  28. Hologram Mobs Health – Your players can now see mob health
  29. Textured Announcements (can be edited, contact us) – 3 Textured Image Announcements, can be edited, just contact us
  30. Inventory Rollback for Admins (for safety purpose of your players) – A admin feature so you can protect your player’s items at all time
  31. Disguises – Disguise yourself into mobs
  32. Mythic Mobs (3+ Custom Mobs with Skills) – More than 3+ Custom Mobs with Custom Skills are added, they are rolling around the Ghost Town, guarding the Envoys Loot. /warp ghosttown
  33. Lifesteal Core (30 maximum hearts, can be changed in config) – Maximum of 30 hearts, 12 hours of banned time when your heart gets 0, but you can be revive by your friends if they have Revive Book
  34. Protection Stones to protect player chunks/bases – A Stones that can protect your bases, by just placing it on the ground, it will be protected from mobs or other players!
  35. Chest Shop for rental properties – A Chest Shop where you can sell or buy items by using Chest and a Sign!
  36. Server Tutorial – A ready Server Tutorial for your players so they could have a potential idea what we have on the server
  37. Sleep feature (can skip night) – A sleep feature where if numerous players sleep at night, it will skip the night in just seconds
  38. Professional Configured TABLIST – A Looking cool tablist
  39. Cosmetics (5 types of cosmetics available) – 5 Types of Cosmetics, Particles, Pets, Hats, Death Effects and Music.


Join our Discord server and open a ticket to have your issues with our setup resolved promptly! You can also contribute to our setup for even better future updates and improvements.
Credits to Odyssey Builds for their lovely builds
Odyssey Discord:
Odyssey Website:
All builds used are free to download on Odyssey Builds Website



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