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Introducing ShopGUIPlus+ Configuration: The Ultimate Shop Configuration!

Enhance your Skyblock server with the power of ShopGUIPlus+, the revolutionary plugin designed to help your in-game shopping adventures. With a carefully crafted texture pack and seamless integration with the ShopGUIPlus+ plugin, you’ll embark on a whole new level of immersive gameplay. There are 389 items for sale ( all items are included except for potions and spawners )

The main version of the config is 1.19 but can be downgraded for free on request


Featuring six meticulously curated categories, ShopGUIPlus+ caters to every aspect of your Skyblock journey. Let’s delve into the world of possibilities:

  1. Building: Build your dream island with ease! Find an extensive range of blocks, materials, and decorative items to bring your vision to life. From cobblestone to glass panes, the Building category has everything you need to construct awe-inspiring structures.

  2. Mining: Unleash your inner miner with an array of essential tools and resources. Discover pickaxes, shovels, and other mining gear to delve deep into the earth’s riches. Whether you seek diamonds, redstone, or valuable ores, the Mining category will be your ultimate destination.

  3. Wood: Embrace the beauty of nature with an assortment of wooden wonders. From oak to birch, spruce to jungle, find an assortment of logs, planks, and other wood-based materials for all your crafting needs. Create stunning furniture, decorative items, or expand your tree farm—the choice is yours.

  4. Weapons: Prepare for battle and safeguard your island from hostile creatures. Arm yourself with an impressive arsenal of swords, bows, and arrows. Whether you’re defending against mobs or engaging in PvP battles, the Weapons category ensures you have the mightiest tools at your disposal.

  5. Farming: Cultivate your own slice of heaven in the sky. Explore a bountiful selection of seeds, saplings, and crops to transform your island into a thriving agricultural paradise. Grow wheat, melons, and carrots to sustain yourself or gather rare materials to trade with fellow Skyblock adventurers.

  6. Others: Unlock a treasure trove of miscellaneous items that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in your Skyblock journey. Discover rare potions, enchanted books, and valuable trinkets that offer unique advantages and enhance your gameplay experience

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This configuration requires the installation of


A texture pack


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