Vanguard Factions Spawn 200×200

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Take your Minecraft server to the next level with our premium premade factions spawn. Save time and effort with our expertly crafted designs that are guaranteed to impress your players. Our customizable factions spawns come with all the essential features and attention to detail that your server needs to stand out. Elevate your player experience and increase engagement with our top-quality premade factions spawn. Order now and see the difference for yourself!

This Factions Spawn will take your server to the next level



Our factions/survival spawn is a beautifully designed 220×220 area with enchantments, crop farms, fishing zones, a rules board, leaderboard, market area, and 5 customizable crates. Compatible with Minecraft versions 1.8-1.20+ JAVA and BEDROCK this spawn offers endless possibilities for your server.

What will I receive?

Schematic World Minecraft Bedrock
➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ .mcworld file

Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves from the trees can fall down)


Coordinates -1452 11 725



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