Asteroid Alcatraz Prison 120×120


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Welcome to our space-themed prison mine, where you’ll embark on a thrilling journey through the galaxy while mining for precious resources!

Our prison mine is set in an immersive sci-fi world that will leave you breathless with its stunning visuals and detailed environments.

Why should I buy this prison mine?

Premade prison mines can be a game-changer for those who want to quickly set up a new server or expand an existing one. Instead of spending countless hours designing and building a prison from scratch, server owners can now easily download and use pre-made prison mines that are ready to be uploaded into their server using tools like FastAsyncWorldEdit.

FastAsyncWorldEdit is a plugin that allows you to quickly edit large areas in Minecraft. One of its features is the ability to upload schematics, which are pre-built structures, into your Minecraft world.

How do I upload the prison mine?

Step 1: Buy the schematic
Step 2: Install FastAsyncWorldEdit
Step 3: Upload the schematic into /plugins/FastAsyncWorldEdit/schematics/
Step 4: Type //schem load prison.schem
Step 5: Choose a perfect location where you want to place it
Step 6: Type //paste

Benefits of Using Premade Mines

Using premade prison mines can be a cost-effective solution, especially for smaller server owners who do not have the resources to hire a team of builders. The cost of using premade prison mines is often much lower than hiring a team of builders to design and build a custom prison from scratch.
Using premade prison mines not only saves time but also ensures that the prison is built by experienced builders with a keen eye for detail. This means that the prison will not only look great but also function properly, with properly placed cells, corridors, and other necessary elements.

Overall, using premade prison mines is a smart and efficient way to set up a new prison server or expand an existing one. By saving time and money, and ensuring a high-quality build, server owners can focus on other important aspects of running a successful server, such as promoting the server and engaging with the community.

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